Election Night

A week ago Canadian politics changed and the mood was electric as everyone, including the media, was on hand at the Victoria Conference Centre to watch the results. Optimism filled the air. Despite the results, I’m honoured to have been part of the conversation that needed to happen around climate change, the environment, renewable energy and, first and foremost, social justice and... read more

Smart Students

Congratulations to all the students and teachers who took part in the electoral process by holding your own elections. It’s so wonderful to see the Green Party come out on top. It’s easy to understand why, especially when you will be inheriting the policies of former governments and can clearly see another way to your protect your future. Please be sure to hold the current government to account in their promise to reduce the voting age to 16. Considering you can drive a car, work and contribute to community at this age, you should be able to vote. Click here to see the student election... read more

An Amazing Experience

What an incredibly busy nine months it has been. Running as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada has been an amazing experience. This Monday night, will feel like we are finally birthing this baby. Here is a collection of just some of the many images that capture the evolution of this campaign and all the wonderful people and experiences I have had along the way. I love my community. Thank you to everyone for sharing in this journey with me and for all the support I have received. I’m beyond grateful. Regardless of the outcome, the conversation has finally begun about things that truly matter.... read more

Green Bus Tour

This Sunday was a busy one with the Green bus tour popping up all over town with Elizabeth May, myself, JoAnn Roberts and Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi greeting people in all parts of the riding. Thank you to everyone who... read more

Riding The Green Wave

Thank you to Troy More for this fantastic collection of photographs from a recent wave with Victoria Green Party candidate JoAnn Roberts. I’m so grateful to all the volunteers and supporters who show up in all kinds of amazing... read more

Fall In Sooke

East Sooke and Sooke were particularly colourful this weekend on my visit throughout the riding. Ragley Farm had a wonderful display of their fresh-picked squash and Inishoge Farm provided lots of family fun with their inaugural Sooketoberfest. Kudos to the organizers, musicians, vendors and pumpkin... read more

Green Means Go!

Right now, three status quo parties are seeking control of the government by way of a “majority,” when in fact a minority government could be the most democratic solution to the problems we face.

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CBC Coverage

Thank you to the CBC for covering today’s gathering on Douglas Street and for all the passerby for their supportive honks and waves, not to mention all the amazing volunteers who are rocking this... read more

Totem Raising Ceremony

Visitors to Royal Roads University will be welcomed by a beautiful new totem which was unveiled at a moving ceremony complete with drumming, dancing, speeches and songs. It was great to see such a terrific turn-out for this special... read more

Young Greens

I was so delighted this weekend to meet this wonderful group of girls while out canvassing. They all rushed to the door when they found out I was the Green Party candidate. I was a few doors down the block when they came running after me asking if they could have their photo with me. These moments keep me motivated. After all, it’s their future I’m working... read more

CFAX1070/CTV Debate

Thanks to Pamela McCall and the CFAX 1070/CTV team for hosting the all-candidates debates in their studio. We are so fortunate to have engaged local media! Watch the full debate... read more

School Visits

I love visiting schools and engaging with kids of all ages. During this election, many of the schools are holding their own version of all-candidate debates. The questions have been endless and bright! These photos are from John Stubbs and... read more

Arts Announcement

Having earned a living from my creativity my entire life, I appreciate that the Green Party understands that art and culture contributes to our national identity and the Canadian economy and has a clear plan to support the arts in Canada. Click here for more... read more

Green Party Celebration!

Thank you to everyone who came out today in support of the Green Party at Centennial Square. What an amazing afternoon it was with entertainment by Danton Jay and Heather Lynn, Valdy, Tony Turner of Harperman fame and Water in the Crawl Space.

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Music and More

Cyclists and drivers were treated to live music and lots of enthusiasm by volunteers eager to do a Green wave. Despite her intense schedule, Elizabeth May, also made time to visit with... read more

Apple-Bee Festival

Metchosin was literally abuzz with activity and wonderful apple everything at the Apple-Bee Festival on Sunday. Demonstrations included the making of apple juice, apple sauce, fruit leather, pies and even apple hurling with a trebuchet and catapult. Congratulations to the Metchosin Pomological Society and the Metchosin Bee Rodeo Group for a fine event in support of the Metchosin... read more

A Typical Day

Although I don’t have photographs from everything I did Thursday, I have a small collection to show what a typical 18 hour-day in my life at the moment looks like running as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada.

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Sooke Apple Festival

Congratulations to Sooke Food Chi and the Sooke Community Arts Council for a fabulous festival that was filled with colour, laughter and good times at the Sunriver Community Orchard. It was great to see so many familiar faces there and meet lots of new... read more

Campaigning by Horseback

Thanks to Bev Bacon and her lovely horse Skip for their tremendous show of support this weekend in Metchosin. Bev and Skip dropped by the Metchosin Farmer’s Market and took in the many sights and... read more

Green Party Tax Plan

Taxes are how we pay for the services we want, from health care and national security to the helping hand we extend to our neighbours around the world. The Green Party support tax shifting – reducing taxes on the things we want, like income and employment, while increasing taxes on things we do not want, such as pollution. Our tax system should be designed to reduce poverty, encourage environmentally beneficial choices, and generate wealth for hard-working Canadians.

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We Love the CBC

The Prime Minister has openly questioned the journalistic integrity of our Public Broadcaster, and by repeatedly slashing the CBCs operating budget, has shown he is not interested in seeing one of our nation’s most important cultural institutions prosper.

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Compassionate Resource Warehouse

Saturday I visited the Compassionate Resource Warehouse off Oldfield Road in Saanich and was completely in awe of the size and scope of this incredible organization.
Congratulations to founder Dell Marie Wegeland and her amazing team of volunteers for their humanitarian work. Thousands of people are assisted worldwide with their care packages of every description and they are the ultimate re- and upcyclers of clothing, bedding, toys, medical supplies, bikes and much more.

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Twitter Tops Debate Talk

Canadian political history was made with technology Thursday night. Great to have Elizabeth May in the national leader’s debate with an innovative live Twitter feed despite being excluded by the big boys. A full house filled Metropolitan United and the energy was high especially when Elizabeth May took the... read more

UVic Buzz

Kudos to UVic Greens and the many organizations that took part in UVic’s Club Day. It was great to be part of it and Elizabeth May created real buzz by being there... read more

Green Party Job Creation Plan

Thrilled to take part in the Green Party’s Job Creation Plan launch with Elizabeth May and JoAnn Roberts to announce our support of Canada’s renewable energy sector and trades’ training programs that will stimulate sustainable economic growth and provide needed infrastructure.

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Saanich Fair 2015

What a fabulous weekend it was for the Saanich Fair. I met so many wonderful people and appreciate everyone who not only volunteered, but took signs or dropped by for hugs. It was great to reconnect with all kinds of people I’ve met over the years through photography or my Times-Colonist... read more

Sooke Night Market

Farmers’ markets are my favourite place to shop knowing my purchases are directly helping my community, from farmers to artists, everyone wins! I love that the Green Party gets that too and incorporates local food, agriculture and wellness into a platform that works for all Canadians. Read more... read more

Bringing It Home

I’m so grateful to Daniel Oliver Francis, Carlie Kilduff and Elliana Stocks for sharing their incredible talents this past Sunday at Gorgeous Coffee and to everyone who attended. The afternoon was filled with music, spoken word and information about the upcoming Oct. 19th election. Big thanks to Gorgeous Coffee proprietor Leslie for her community spirit and support of grassroots democracy, social justice and local... read more

19 Year Old World View by Darcy Harnadek

As little kids we read and watch movies about superheroes. Something goes wrong and they save the day, stop an asteroid from destroying the Earth or whatever. In the innocence of childhood you can believe anything is possible: the right people can do anything to save the world. However, as we grow up our eyes are opened to the harsh reality of life. Do I believe it is possible for one person to save the world?

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Good Local Jobs

As far as pipelines and the shipping of fossil fuels, the Green Party is the only party prepared to take action and show leadership on climate change. We need to transition to renewable energy and a 21st-century economy that will create jobs here for Canadians.

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Eats & Beats in Colwood

Friday’s Eats & Beats at the Esquimalt Lagoon in Colwood launched with great success. Congratulations to the organizers. Good to see so many familiar faces and meet lots of new... read more

Victoria Greek Fest 2015

What fun to see my bevy of wonderful Greek friends greeting guests at GreekFest in Royal Oak this Saturday, not to mention the fantastic food, music and... read more

Esquimalt Market

I love Thursdays because that means there is fresh produce, food carts, flowers and beautiful things to see and enjoy at both the Esquimalt and Sooke Night... read more

Vote Whipping

Should we have an elected representative who represents the constituents that elected them based on the policies and platforms they ran on or should the whip prevail?

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Green Vote Continues To Grow

Let Chek News know who you are voting for this October 19th! Watch the video and read Chek News’ article New Insights West poll shows surging Greens.... read more

Standing For Our Coast

Thanks to the media for coverage of the Green Party of Canada tanker and pipeline announcement at Clover Point this past Tuesday. The Green Party is the only party clear on the position that we must protect our coasts, our sovereignty and economy from risky tanker and pipeline schemes and transition to renewable energy. The benefits far outweigh the costs with 10x the potential job... read more

Horticultural Centre of the Pacific Arts & Music

The Horticultural Centre of the Pacific features Arts & Music in the Gardens again today from 11 am to 4 pm. I enjoyed a fabulous few hours there on Saturday. What a weekend for outdoor art shows! This Sunday afternoon I will be displaying some of my photography at the Township of Esquimalt Arts Festival in the gardens at the English Inn, 429 Lampson St., until 4 pm. Please drop by and say Hi. Here are a few of the sights from the gardens at HCP on... read more

An Impactful Morning

It was a truly an impactful morning at the Mount Benson Royal Canadian Legion, BR.256 (Nanaimo) with Elizabeth May, Veteran Captain Trevor Greene and fellow Green Party of Canada candidates pledging to work tirelessly to advocate for our veterans to get the assistance and income security they need.

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Sooke Weekend Events – August 8th, 2015

I enjoyed a full day in Sooke on Saturday! I visited Ragley Farm, which was a hub of activity with fresh baked goods, flowers and delicious organic food all temptingly available. What a bounty! Then off to one of my favourite coffee stops, The Stick, before visiting the Sooke Farmers Market and attending Sooke Yoga’s special event.

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Gorge Swim Fest 2015

It was an incredible day for Gorge Swim Fest 2015! The water was 19.5 C and it was nice to see so many familiar... read more

A Multicultural Day

Centennial Square was alive with colour, music and delicious food at the Sixth Annual India Festival (Mela)! There was no shortage of things to see and do, including this dragon dance happening right next to the square in... read more

August 6th Maclean’s Debate

Elizabeth May was fabulous in the Maclean’s debate. She was the most authentic and eloquent. Thank you to everyone who came out to our Saanich office. It was a full house. Thank you Stef Barber for the lovely gift tonight of your fabulous photograph taken in Ottawa presented to me at my Green Party office prior to the debates. It was so good to have you... read more

Yearning For Peace

This August 6th marked the 70th anniversary of Hiroshima. A beautiful ceremony was held at Kinsmen Gorge Park with poetry, live music and speeches. Sadly, it was noted that trillions of dollars have been earmarked by five major nuclear weapon states to build and deploy more nuclear arms. There is no treaty for nuclear weapons. Few people are aware that Canada has sold reactors to dictatorships. Green Party MP’s will press for the elimination of nuclear weapons and end subsidies to Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL) and strengthen the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency to prevent nuclear reactor fuels from finding their way into nuclear... read more

The Writ Has Dropped!

Excited to be with Elizabeth May and other candidates at the Mary Winspear in Sidney BC for the drop of the election writ this morning at 7 am. Myself and 11 other island and Mainland candidates joined Elizabeth May on stage for a live televised nationwide broadcast. With more than 330 Green candidates running across Canada, Greens give people another choice this October 19th... read more

Harper Cuts: Dismantling Social Programs

The Conservatives have cut more than 37,000 public service jobs, silenced and fired 2000 scientists and researchers, defunded hundreds of vital organizations, destroyed the Navigable Waters Protection Act, gutted the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and Fisheries Act, closed the Coast Guard, corrupted the National Energy Board, changed more than 70 laws, closed libraries, archives, manipulated Stats Can and Elections Canada, won’t participate in international climate action, and made the Canada China Investment Treaty law while it was before the courts being challenged by First Nations as unconstitutional.

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Pharmacare Press Conference

I was proud to stand with Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May and candidates Paul Manly (Nanaimo-Ladysmith), Glenn Sollitt (Courtenay-Alberni) and Jo-Ann Roberts (Victoria) for today’s media conference on the Green Party’s desire to create a national Pharmacare system to benefit all Canadians. It was great to see the event well-attended by local media and visit with people like Naz Rayani... read more

Sooke Fine Arts

Congratulations to all the artists, organizers and wonderful volunteers for yet another fabulous Sooke Fine Arts Show. I attended the Artists Celebration Saturday evening and it was wonderful to see so many friendly faces. The Lebeau-Petersen Band was fantastic too! The show continues daily starting at 10 am until August 3rd. This year’s show has the benefit of new LED lighting which I voluntarily helped change over with a crew of fine... read more

Community Paint In

Saturday’s Paint-In on Moss Street was fabulous yet again! Kudos to everyone involved. What fun to see so many incredible artists, musicians and friendly faces. Hanging out with artist extraordinaire Linda Heslop and The Full Circle crew (Valerie Pusey, Gail Hull, Nancy Rouse, Kathryn Connolly) was like old-home week with people coming by constantly to say Hi, including long-time friends, neighbours and clients. The mansion at the Art Gallery was a great backdrop for the dance afterwards with... read more

Solar Success

Thanks to Andrew Moore and the Wilderness Committee for a fabulous tour of the T’Sou-ke Nation solar program. This is an international success... read more

Sooke Farm Tour

I love Sooke! The Sooke Farm Tour this past Sunday was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about cooperatives and small rural businesses with connections to both land and sea…I even had some cow kisses at Cast Iron Farm, enjoyed a spinning demonstration and took home some fresh produce from ALM Organic Farm & Full Circle Seeds and bath salts from Saltwest... read more

You Can Vote For What You Want – And Get It

Vote splitting is a fear tactic used to confuse the public. Here is why the Green Party is the Biggest Threat to the Conservative Government:

The Green Party is the only party committed to cooperation and have repeatedly appealed for cooperation.

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Why the Green Party?

It may be that I’ve seen the world through every lens imaginable in my 25-year career as a professional photographer, or that I was privy to news wire services the public never saw, or that I helped shape the opinions, views and information people read in their daily newspaper. What it all comes down to is seeing the big picture in a connect-the-dot way that has me ringing alarm bells now.

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About Tankers and Pipelines

It’s evident that oil and gas companies wield extraordinary influence over our government.

Economist Robyn Allan said it herself: “The game is rigged.” Her withdrawal as an intervenor in the federal government’s review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker expansion project clearly shows that the National Energy Board is “a parochial board steeped in Calgary petro culture, run by corporate interests.”

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What Does A Photographer Know About Federal Politics?

What does a “photographer” know about federal politics to be considered for the position of an MP? Lots! It starts with being a compassionate individual who genuinely relates to the needs of others AND has the interests of the community at heart.

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FairVote Canada Pledge

Signing the Fair Vote Canada pledge for a fair voting system with representatives Wendy Bergerud and Kym Thrift. The Green Party platform for good governance includes Proportional Representation and can be seen on the Green Party of Canada – Parti vert du Canada website under Vision Green starting on page... read more

Bike To Work Week 2015

We are so lucky to live where we do! Bike To Work Week is a wonderful way to kick things off. Thanks to Susan Low, Township of Esquimalt councillor for challenging me to a race into town. Despite getting stuck behind a dump truck going over the Johnson Street Bridge and up Fort, I managed to arrive at Fort & Blanshard in 13 minutes from the Esquimalt... read more

Local Art & Great People

We are most fortunate to have the work of some incredible artists on display at our community office at 106-3550 Saanich Rd. (in the Munro Centre off Blanshard by Save-on-Foods). Come in for a visit and see original works of art by: Heather Barr, Kristi Bridgeman, Jan Dong and Frances Litman. Feel free to drop by from 9 am – 6 pm, Monday to Friday; 9 am – 9 pm on Thursdays. Heather Barr This mother of five captures the essence of people and place with remarkable story telling woven into her mixed media pieces that arrest the viewer’s eye. We have three such pieces on display, one a wonderfully joyous portrait of Elizabeth May; another that takes viewers into the world of David Suzuki and a forest scene that incorporates recycled paper and other paintings to create a three-dimensional viewing experience. Heather personally presented Elizabeth May with one of two portraits she created of her at our office opening April 9th, the other, still wet and now dry hangs in our entry foyer. Kristi Bridgeman Born and raised on the West Coast, Kristi  works out of her home studio overlooking both her garden and the coastal rainforest, an influence that is evident in much of her work. A distinctive amber and sepia pallet evolved after searching for earth friendly mediums: the bottled ink, quill pens, and warm tones in various media bring a west coast feeling to her works. She has illustrated works by Poet P.K. Page,  Fiona Tinwei Lam and Rachel Wyatt, and clients include Orca, Oolichan, Extasis, O.U.P, U. Vic,  Municipal and Provincial Government,  C.A.O.T, and Queen... read more

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