Frances Litman is a visionary and a natural leader who lives and breathes the values of the Green Party. She’s smart, accountable and fully engaged in the community. Her fearless and dedicated work demonstrates what shared innovation can accomplish. I am so excited about what we will accomplish together in Parliament.

Elizabeth May

Leader of the Green Party of Canada, Officer of the Order of Canada

Frances Litman is a force for good and everything ‘green’. From the first day I met her, I recognized a fellow, strongly committed, visionary who knows the issues and understands what it is going to take to turn the environmental and social justice disaster that has been fousted on all of us by the Harper regime.

I believe in Frances and her abilities so much that I phoned her a year ago or so and suggested she run for the Green Party. And I am glad she has!

Nigel Seale

Founder of Earth Day Canada and Past Chair of Earth Day International

I couldn’t be more excited than to have Frances Litman as the Green Party Candidate in my riding of Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke. While working with her in the past I have always been incredibly impressed with her vision and ability to manifest it. She is both a leader and a listener, making everyone feel respected and heard while managing to create something in and for the community that is beautiful, inspiring and revolutionary. If her unique vision for the world is of her own design, the creation of it is born from a community working together whom she brought together. This is how real change can happen. Daniel Lapp


I met Frances Litman while i was still serving in the military and transferring over to the private sector. I had the opportunity to work on the core team of the “Creatively United for the Planet Festival” which was one of many environmental and community driven projects that Frances envisioned. With no funding she was able to gather and lead a group of individuals to what would become an ongoing community based festival which celebrated environmental awareness as well as community awareness. She is an incredibly patient, understanding and determined individual and someone who you know is not going to stop until they get the job done. I have observed her take on many challenges and rise to many occasions. On the odd occasion when she takes a break she is just an absolutely passionate individual who wants to do the right thing by her community and her sensibilities are balanced in such a fashion that she can be trusted to do so.

Roland Barrett


We really enjoyed being a part of your Earth Week Festival and seeing your organizational skills, enthusiasm and passion at work; it was a lot of fun!

We could also see how popular you were with your workers and associates, the booth holders and people at the events, to know that you are going to make an incredible MP for your constituents.
Your beliefs and ideals are a proven natural fit with the Green Party and you have Canada’s most outstanding parliamentarian as your mentor and guide.

Elizabeth May is our MP for the Gulf Islands and comes to Saturna every six months for a “town hall meeting” and the annual Canada Day Lamb BBQ as well. She is putting an amazing team together and we are so proud that you are a part of the only party that is honestly working to save our environment.

Len and Donna Digance

I’m delighted that Frances Litman has stepped forward to ask for the nomination in Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke. I’ve known Frances personally and professionally since 2009. What impresses me most about Frances is her focus and determination, evident in her success bringing Creatively United for the Planet and the Vancouver Island Green Scene into life.

Frances is extremely knowledgeable about environmental issues and has dedicated countless hours to mobilizing our community in service of a better future, for the planet and for future generations. Frances has also been a small business owner for 25 years, and has an uncanny ability to connect with people and win their support.
I’m very proud to endorse Frances Litman. I encourage my fellow Green Party members to get to know this dynamite leader.

Susan Low

BC Green Party candidate for Esquimalt-Royal Roads, 2013

Frances is the kind of person I want representing me and my family in Ottawa. She is a principled, honest and hard working person, someone who really cares about her community and the people who live there. With all the divisiveness and exclusion that pervades, Frances is a collaborator, someone who builds bridges and brings communities together. She has the skills, smarts and dedication to join Elizabeth May in Ottawa and fight for the values of our community. Jed Goldberg

President (Retired), Earth Day Canada

When I met Frances Litman I was taken by her energy, passion for the earth, life and people, her brilliant, radiant heart and dedication to her various pursuits of advocacy. Frances is a woman and depth, character, passion, and authenticity. She works hard and involves herself in so many fine endeavors in hopes of connecting community and educating people, especially our children, about the importance of healthy relationship with nature.

Previously when it came to politics, I had little faith in the system, feeling disenfranchised by a scene that feels greedy, ego driven, and corrupt. Recently learning that Frances Litman is running as a Green Party candidate for Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke, I now feel a great stirring of change in my heart. If a woman like Frances is involved in our local politics then I can renew a faith that there is hope of the right people serving us and that my vote will indeed make a difference.

I am a mother of two young boys who are full of potential for creating healthier, more peaceful, loving and sustainable life on earth for generations to come. I can’t think of a better candidate for the Green Party than Frances Litman. I trust her to shape our future and open doors that will make a brighter future for my children, our children. Frances will bring heart and soul into politics and I can feel a new wave rising!

Carlie Kilduff


I cannot think of a time when the values of the Green Party are more critical to our nation’s health and, indeed our security on this planet. When I see the shameful, immoral, tactics of major parties and weigh them against the measured and grounded perspectives of the Green Party and their leader, I can see no other option but to vote Green in our coming election. I do not wish to live in a Canada that has had its morality hijacked by values that are offensive and perverse, nor do I want to live in a Canada or, in fact, in a world, where the threat of environmental disaster seems assured if we do not take serious and concerted action. I am a recent grandfather and I could not live with myself if I did not speak with my heart and vote with my conscience. Let us return to personal, social, and political sanity in our beloved country!

Dennis Donnelly


As principal of a middle school in the community where Frances resides, I had the pleasure of working with Frances on a school-community project involving the environment and more specifically a local Garry Oak Ecosystem. Representing “Creatively United for the Planet” , Frances provided a wealth of support for our environmental awareness project both in the planning stages, during the rich student learning components of the project and facilitating the showcasing of the project by capturing it through multi-media and having presentations to celebrate the learning. As well, Frances made it possible for our school to be involved in the 2014 annual Earth Day event in Victoria, an exceptional opportunity for students, staff and myself.

As a supporter for Rockheights Middle School and our students, Frances was integral in ensuring the project was of high quality from beginning to end. She has a strong work ethic, is deeply passionate about her commitments and is a delight to work with because she is calm, understanding and listens well to the interests of the team.

Frances makes it happen!

Maryanne Trofimuk

Principal, Rockheights Middle School

I want to thank Frances Litman who did such an amazing job speaking at the Women in politics gathering in Colwood! Frances, You were clear, concise, humble and ernest. I LOVED that you stood up because it shows action, engagement and offering the ability for all to see you! I really was inspired and hopeful for change and passion. Love you! Linda O'Connor

I am so thrilled that Frances has stepped forward as a nominate for the Green Party in our riding. She brings passion, determination and a positive attitude to all she does.

Frances cares deeply about people and the planet, and brings a fresh and creative approach to sharing those values. As a candidate, she brings a vast network of contacts and followers that will build on the excitement that is growing around the Green Party and its role in Canada.

Judith Cullington

former Colwood councillor and lead for the Solar Colwood program

The uber-talented Frances Litman walks her talk and genuinely cares. She is one of the kindest and most authentic people I have ever met. I feel honoured to be able to tell people that I know her! She has already done amazing things with Creatively United for the Planet and will continue to do amazing things.

Her spirit, light, personality and beautiful smile draw people in, and they in turn want to do amazing things within their own communities! She will continue to lead and do great things in our community that will create ripples out into the world. I am looking forward to seeing what those positive ripples create! Thank you Frances for all you do, you are a true inspiration!

Seanna Nichol

Creatively United for the Planet volunteer

Frances is an inspiration! Jo-Ann Roberts was right when she told me you were an excellent presenter and that we would enjoy your presence. Your enthusiasm is contagious.

I am sure you will go far in your “next adventure’ as you will bring freshness, honesty, integrity and enthusiasm (without obfuscation) to the Green Party.

Arlene Richards


I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for running for office. Thank you for putting “your life on hold” for us; the nameless faces people in this riding. Thank you for running a superb campaign; respectful, heartfelt and compassionate.

I will be working hard to hold the new government to their promise of electoral reform.

I am hoping, very much so, that you would be willing to put your name forward again.

Kathleen Sutherland