Good Local Jobs

sustainable_economy_1As far as pipelines and the shipping of fossil fuels, the Green Party is the only party prepared to take action and show leadership on climate change. We need to transition to renewable energy and a 21st-century economy that will create jobs here for Canadians.

Our current extract and export mentality is not serving the people of this country or the planet. Taxpayers are subsidizing an industry by $32 billion a year that is fracturing our landscape, our people and putting our environment and species at tremendous risk…and the bloated cash accounts of large multinational corporations contribute little to local communities.

Greens are realistic. We understand this transition won’t happen overnight as our world is still reliant on oil and gas. Resource sector jobs should remain in Canada vs exporting our resources with them. In the meantime, we need to be investing in alternatives and the associated infrastructure and, therefore, due to the many risks associated with the shipping of fossil fuels, we do not want to see any further expansion of the fossil fuel industry.

technology_jobs_0Real job opportunities await Canadians. We are falling behind internationally when we could be putting an army of carpenters and home retrofitters to work and providing incentives for people to transition to a more energy efficient and democratic system that puts the people of this country first vs multi-national oil and gas corporations.

There had been a long-standing moratorium on tanker traffic for good reason. It’s time to stop debating what’s possible and do what is necessary to transition. We have plenty of examples worldwide where green has become the new gold.

The vision proposed by the Green Party is one that gives me hope and the desire to help make it happen.