What Does A Photographer Know About Federal Politics?

What does a “photographer” know about federal politics to be considered for the position of an MP?

Lots! It starts with being a compassionate individual who genuinely relates to the needs of others AND has the interests of the community at heart.

For 25 years, I have earned my living from my ability to quickly assess situations and come up with innovative solutions to achieve the best possible outcome. I see the big picture and having looked through every lens imaginable. I know how important the details are, too.

As someone who started life in a foster home and was living on their own by age 17, I have not been a stranger to adversity. This, in turn, has made me empathetic to the needs of others.

Through hard work and the good fortune of securing a position with the Times-Colonist while still in high school, I was able to put myself through university by working seven days a week, then build a secure career and start my own photography business.

Anyone who has ventured into having their own business knows it takes a lot of courage and commitment to make it work. I left the security of a union paycheque and a lifetime job guarantee, plus holiday and health benefits, to follow my passion.

I’m willing to do it again to become a Member of Parliament. It’s not about money or power to me, it’s about making a difference.

My commitment to community has been longstanding. More than five years ago, I built the groundwork to start a registered not-for-profit society. I’ve donated thousands of hours to raising the profile of many organizations who are doing the hero work in our community to ensure we have fresh air to breathe, clean water to drink, and healthy food to eat.

In the creation and management of what the David Suzuki Foundation has called “one of Canada’s best Earth Week festivals,” I have managed budgets, hundreds of volunteers, exhibitors, and entertainers, written detailed reports, grant applications and news releases, designed brochures, websites, and marketing materials, created floor and seating plans, handled technical requirements, and fielded thousands of phone calls and emails… not a small feat for a small business owner.

I have lived on Vancouver Island my entire life. I love this island and intend to live out my years here knowing that I have done everything I can to ensure it remains beautiful, healthy, and economically resilient.

Our system is broken. It’s going to take collaboration, innovation, and the right people working together to fix it. I see myself working with Elizabeth May and other elected Greens to do just that. The Green Party has a costed out and realistic plan for job creation, affordable housing, livable income, food security, good governance, and programs and infrastructure to benefit people and the planet. Together, we will make this plan a reality for Canadians.