About Tankers and Pipelines

by Frances Litman
Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke Green Party Candidate
(View Royal – Colwood – East Sooke – Metchosin – Otter Point – Shirley – Jordan River)


It’s evident that oil and gas companies wield extraordinary influence over our government.

Economist Robyn Allan said it herself: “The game is rigged.” Her withdrawal as an intervenor in the federal government’s review of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline and oil tanker expansion project clearly shows that the National Energy Board is “a parochial board steeped in Calgary petro culture, run by corporate interests.”

Our current government’s extract and export mentality is not only threatening every thing we hold sacred as Canadians, but is threatening the world with our last century mentality around fossil fuels and climate change.

The devastation to our forests and oceans from these risky schemes to bring raw bitumen, mixed with diluents, to the coast is not in the best interests of Canadians, especially First Nations! It is unconstitutional.

“An oil-free coast is essential not only to our personal health and welfare, but to our business which would cease to operate if there was a spill.”
Jessica Abel/Owner Saltwest.com (Sooke, BC)

The vast returns made by a few are privatized into the pockets of US-based investors. The Green Party is the only party that is not held hostage by corporate and elite money.

What we aren’t told by oil and gas companies is that every pipeline carrying dilbit to be refined in other countries means tens of thousands of Canadian jobs are exported with it, and that dilbit spills are impossible to clean up.

Presently, when climate change and our environment are urgent considerations for any government, the Green Party is the only party that recognizes the imperative to move Canada towards a harmonized and sustainable economic, energy and environmental trajectory which is sorely lacking in the corporate-owned Liberal and Conservatives.

The NDP has yet to prove their stance and prefers to defer their commitment to yet another “review process. Rachel Notley’s recent remarks that the Tar Sands are open for ever-expanding business investment are also not encouraging, to say the least.

Elizabeth May has been the only MP to boycott events sponsored by Enbridge, submitted a detailed critique of Enbridge in the environmental review process and informed the media why bitumen is unwise.


The first step in addressing the interlinked challenges of climate and energy is to have a national policy.

The Green Party is the only federal party to oppose any and all schemes to bring raw bitumen, mixed with diluents, through fragile wilderness to risky tankers. We also have a realistic and committed course of action to move us into the 21st-century with a sustainable economic and job plan.

The first step in addressing the interlinked challenges of climate and energy is to have a national policy.

The Green Party plan would revise and modernize building codes, creating tens of thousands of jobs in the trades insulating, overhauling heating, lighting and upgrading buildings to be more energy efficient; upgrade energy efficiency requirements of appliances; implement a carbon fee and dividend system that would return money collected on the carbon fee directly to every Canadian as a dividend; end all subsidies to fossil fuels; invest in renewable energy Canada-wide; invest in infrastructure, including public transit, assisting local government in addressing the infrastructure deficit; enhance our east-west electricity grid, shut down coal-fired electricity and develop national plans that work for all regions by working across all levels of government with a Council of Canadian Governments that includes federal, provincial, local and First Nations, Inuit and Metis representation.


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