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woman candidates flowers 1000pxThank you to absolutely everyone who supported my campaign. It takes a village. I’m beyond grateful!!!

We can all feel proud that we ran a champagne campaign on a beer budget and gave it all we had! Although I’m so sad Elizabeth May won’t have a team of us helping her in Ottawa, I truly hope a new day has dawned and we can move forward in commUNITY towards a more caring and compassionate society that truly values people and planet. Thank goodness the conversations we needed to have were started this election.

I hope to put my experience and knowledge to good use by putting my name forward as a nominee for the 2017 provincial election.

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Election Night

A week ago Canadian politics changed and the mood was electric as everyone, including the media, was on hand at the Victoria Conference Centre to watch the results. Optimism filled the air. Despite the results, I’m honoured to have been part of the conversation that needed to happen around climate change, the environment, renewable energy and, first and foremost, social justice and... read more

Smart Students

Congratulations to all the students and teachers who took part in the electoral process by holding your own elections. It’s so wonderful to see the Green Party come out on top. It’s easy to understand why, especially when you will be inheriting the policies of former governments and can clearly see another way to your protect your future. Please be sure to hold the current government to account in their promise to reduce the voting age to 16. Considering you can drive a car, work and contribute to community at this age, you should be able to vote. Click here to see the student election... read more

An Amazing Experience

What an incredibly busy nine months it has been. Running as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada has been an amazing experience. This Monday night, will feel like we are finally birthing this baby. Here is a collection of just some of the many images that capture the evolution of this campaign and all the wonderful people and experiences I have had along the way. I love my community. Thank you to everyone for sharing in this journey with me and for all the support I have received. I’m beyond grateful. Regardless of the outcome, the conversation has finally begun about things that truly matter.... read more

Green Bus Tour

This Sunday was a busy one with the Green bus tour popping up all over town with Elizabeth May, myself, JoAnn Roberts and Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi greeting people in all parts of the riding. Thank you to everyone who... read more

Riding The Green Wave

Thank you to Troy More for this fantastic collection of photographs from a recent wave with Victoria Green Party candidate JoAnn Roberts. I’m so grateful to all the volunteers and supporters who show up in all kinds of amazing... read more

Fall In Sooke

East Sooke and Sooke were particularly colourful this weekend on my visit throughout the riding. Ragley Farm had a wonderful display of their fresh-picked squash and Inishoge Farm provided lots of family fun with their inaugural Sooketoberfest. Kudos to the organizers, musicians, vendors and pumpkin... read more

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Count Me In!


Read why Frances Litman will be a fantastic MP!

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Watch the CTV/CFAX & hear the CBC Debates:

About Frances Litman

Frances Litman is known for her positive attitude and proactive approach to solving problems. A successful small business owner, community organizer and long-time Esquimalt resident, Frances is the award-winning founder of Creatively United for the Planet and a former Times-Colonist journalist. Her passion for bringing people together will continue to foster positive change for our region.

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Vision Green

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Our Green Party Values:

Non Violence • Sustainability • Social Justice • Ecological Wisdom • Participatory Democracy • Respect for Diversity

Why The Green Party?

I’ve seen the world through every lens imaginable in my 25-year career as a professional photographer and journalist. My hope was that by presenting images, information and ideas I could help readers understand their world. Now, a new understanding of that world has led me to a radical life change.

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You Can Vote For What You Want – And Get It

Vote splitting is a fear tactic used to confuse the public. Here is why the Green Party is the Biggest Threat to the Conservative Government:

The Green Party is the only party committed to cooperation and have repeatedly appealed for cooperation.

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What Does A Photographer Know?

For 25 years, I have earned my living from my ability to quickly assess situations and come up with innovative solutions for the best outcome possible. I see the big picture and having looked through every lens imaginable I know how important the details are.

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Fair Vote Canada Pledge

Signing the Fair Vote Canada pledge for a fair voting system with representatives Wendy Bergerud and Kym Thrift. The Green Party platform for good governance includes Proportional Representation and can be seen in the Green Party of Canada’s Vision Green.

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Tankers & Pipelines

Our current government’s extract and export mentality is not only threatening every thing we hold sacred as Canadians, but is threatening the world with our last century mentality around fossil fuels and climate change. The devastation to our forests and oceans from these risky schemes to bring raw bitumen, mixed with diluents, to the coast is not in the best interests of Canadians.

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Good Local Jobs

As far as pipelines and the shipping of fossil fuels, the Green Party is the only party prepared to take action and show leadership on climate change. We need to transition to renewable energy and a 21st-century economy that will create jobs here for Canadians.

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